Maybe you’ve got several dogs, a yard full of horses or even a zoo – we’ve taken our best-selling packs and made them bigger with even better savings. Take a look at the range of value packs we have on offer and see which one will help your animals.

  • Stinky Stuff Triple

    3 x Original Stinky

  • Large Pack to soothe itchy skin, effective against mites/mud & mix an effective fly spray

    3 x Original Stinky + 2 x Carrier Oil + 1 x Shampoo Base.

  • Sale!

    Mud Stuff 500ml Buy 1 get 1 free

    Effective balm for skin exposed to rain & mud. Dual action soothes & protects.

    Original price was: £71.98.Current price is: £35.99.
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