What is the difference between Original Stinky Stuff and Non Stinky?

Original Stinky Stuff and Non Stinky are very similar products, and both are very effective at soothing itchy, irritated skin. The main difference is the smell. As the name suggests, Stinky Stuff has a strong, pungent smell, whereas Non Stinky has a much milder and more pleasant smell. Non Stinky can also be used as a feed supplement too which provides relief from the inside and boosts the general condition of the coat and skin. Generally speaking, we recommend Stinky Stuff for horses and other outdoor animals, and Non Stinky for dogs and pets that live in the home. The only time we really recommend using Original Stinky Stuff for dogs in the home is if the problem is with mites, as this will eliminate these as well as providing relief.

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