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Frequently Asked Dog Questions.

Food Stuff is a natural food supplement that improves your dog’s skin and coat condition. Itchy and irritated skin can be uncomfortable for dogs, but Food Stuff can help tackle these issues. Food Stuff is added to your dogs food once a day for best results.

All ingredients can be found under the ingredients tab on the product pages.

To help your dog’s itchy and irritated skin, try our Food Stuff supplement and Dog Stuff skin balm. While Dog Stuff soothes the itchy skin topically Food Stuff combats things from the inside out. Using both could relieve your dog’s scratching, biting, and licking. But if symptoms persist, see a vet to rule out underlying health issues.
Dog Stuff is a natural balm that soothes your dog’s irritated skin. It relieves itching, promotes hair regrowth, and keeps coats healthy. For optimal results, combine with Food Stuff, a natural supplement that improves skin and coat health from the inside out.

All our products are safe to use from 12 weeks.

Dogs are unique and may respond differently to our products. Results should show in 2-3 weeks. If you need further help or advice, call 0113 2508957 for advice. Be patient and consistent for the best outcome.
Ear Stuff soothes and prevents canine ear irritations with natural ingredients that clean and disinfect, leaving ears odor-free. It also helps prevent future infections for a healthy pet. The easy-to-use dropper bottle makes it a must for dog owners.

To perform a patch test for Ear Stuff apply one drop to the inside of the ear flap and leave for 24 hours to ensure no sensitivity. To perform a patch test for any of our dog skin care products apply a small amount to an easily visible area of skin and leave for 24 hours to ensure no sensitivity. 

Frequently Asked Horse Questions.

Mud Stuff is a skin balm for horses that protects from muddy conditions and promotes healing. You can apply it directly without mixing, saving time and effort. The balm creates an antibacterial barrier that guards against mud and promotes faster healing. It also eases sore legs and improves skin health for horses.

Original Stinky Stuff must be used with a carrier oil or shampoo base and should not be applied on its own to the skin. However it is safe to use Original Stinky Stuff directly on the hoof. For further instructions on how to use our products take a look at the individual product pages or give us a call on 01132508957. 

To achieve the best results with our products, use a small amount daily. Consistency is key, and remember that less is more.

Apply oil-based products in the evening for effective absorption without sun exposure. Use fly spray as needed during the day to protect horses from insects. Follow label instructions for best results.

Our complete packs can help! Our products contain natural ingredients to soothe irritation and promote hair regrowth. Apply our massage rub for immediate relief and use our shampoo regularly to cleanse and condition your horse’s hair and skin while deeply soothing the skin. With our complete pack, you’ll have everything you need to keep your horse itch-free.

Our products are safe to use on broken skin and are designed to promote healing. The ingredients within our products are specifically chosen for their antibacterial and healing properties.

Get rid of mites effectively with Original Stinky Stuff – a natural and safe alternative to harsh chemicals. Our complete packs come with easy-to-follow instructions. Regular use is also an excellent way to prevent future infestations.

Frequently Asked Cat Questions.

Cat Stuff is a daily-use product for cats that soothes itchy and irritated skin, and boosts hair growth. It should be used sparingly and applied to the affected area.

Cat Stuff is a safe and specially formulated product for cats, with a formula made to suit their unique behavior and needs. The lick-safe formula provides pet owners with peace of mind, as it ensures that their cats won’t suffer any harm if they accidentally ingest or groom themselves with the product. This makes Cat Stuff an ideal choice for keeping cats healthy and happy.

Cat Stuff skin balm is a gentle and unscented product that helps cats with skin irritations and minor wounds. Its natural ingredients make it easily accepted by cats. It is a reliable and safe option to care for your furry friend’s skin.

Before using our Cat Stuff, we recommend doing a patch test. Apply a small amount to your an easily visible area of your cat’s skin and look for any redness, itchiness or irritation for a day. If all’s good, proceed to use. If not, discontinue use and inform us.

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